FHI Country Store

Every Farm Has a Story – & a Store!

100% Hand Made

What started as a hobby and gift giving, turned into sharing my passion for something my dad had taught me and further turned into sharing that passion with others.

Now, I have opened up the Country Store to very good friends along with my wood work to share with those who may be interested.


Country Store Woodwork Samples

These are merely to show you some of woodwork that I have done. There is a not a stock of these for sale, however, if you can provide a picture, it can be put into wood. If you can imagine it, it can be carved.

Contact us for more information, to order and for pricing.

Country Store Farmer Print & Ship Items

We have created some designs over on our TeeSpring store that you can order what you need in your style and size. Check them out and help support local small businesses and fellow farmers!

Country Store Outside Art – Coming Soon

Working on some more woodwork!

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