Times have changed.  Make sure even if a relative, have permissions in writing with details.beehive issue with farm owner

A young man contacted me, inquired about putting a few beehives at the farm.  I agreed to allow this.  I encourage anyone of any age to pursue what they desire.

Definition of a few is considered more than two, normally not over 4 at the most five.

The young man contacted me August 20, 2019.   This young man through conversations, I learned like to hunt.  I contacted him November 13, 2019, asked him to meet to sign a hunting lease to protect each of our liability.   This young man was nothing but well mannered, respectful with me.

On January after finding numerous pallets of beehives on the farm, 30 wooden pallets with 4 beehives on each pallet totaling 120 beehive boxes, blocking entrance to my back field.   I contacted the young man and inquired if he had been at the farm on this day, January 6, 2020.  He responded with “No, I haven’t been out there in quite some time, is everything okay?”    This left me puzzled since I had given verbal permission to take a few beehives only to this young man.  The beehives had a registration number of FL066060___ stamped on them.  Being familiar with regulations, of agriculture and miscellaneous rules, regulations due to profession, I began searching for who this number belonged to.

Beehives on Jan 2020

NOTE:  Photos are located with this article as proof, I elected at this time to show respect for the young man and others involved at this time.

I would also like to note that those in the beehive business have guidelines, regulations to adhere to just like other businesses.  Trespassing, showing no respect is not allowed in any business and if justified, proper authorities involved could result in arrest for trespassing, and the agency overseeing business activities, in charge of permit and/or license numbers may take further actions that may or may not result in loss of business depending upon the issue.

Contact was made with the person(s), aka beehives owner.   Short version was my displeasure of beehives on my property without permission, without notice.  Trespassed, never authorized by me, the owner to set foot on my property.   The young man that I had given permission, trying to do what I thought was right and helping him out, they have a relationship with him, and I find out the beehives were not owned by the young man I had given permission, but to this FL registered beehive company.  No one ever contacted me requesting permission to work beehives the young man had placed on my property.    This was a liability for many reasons, unknown beehive location, unknown persons on property.

After taking a day or so, researching, praying, I called the owners of the beehives back, stating they could go remove the beehives under certain terms.  They were charged a low price when compared to the number of beehives on property ranging from $300 to $500 each, plus the transport truck, loader used to off load, plus the fact they trespassed, plus the fact I was trying to work with them instead of pressing charges and submitting all evidence to the State of Florida, USDA, NRCS.

Anyone in business needs to first understand the business and the requirements, guidelines of said business.

What has prompted me to write this and include some attachments is the fact that one of the beehive company owners disrupted my work, made several calls, sent several text in same day accusing me of being a con, telling me I had reigned my name with my family, telling me to give back what I took from innocent hard working citizens, to clear my name, they need that money.

Did I mentioned they did not have permission to be on the property?  I thought I did.

I gave a young man a chance.  I was never provided notice.  Never informed the few hives were those of a registered beehive company, strangers I had never met trespassed, and I am approached over 6 months later accused of being in the wrong, slandered for being a con???????

I am making sure that those involved see this and given opportunity to retract any negative comments made slandering my name.  I am sharing with public as a lesson learned, stranger, best friend, relative, have everything in writing, protect your liability, do not assume anyone will protect your liability.

Names, numbers blacked out for time being.  I do not appreciate minding my business, doing my best, trying to assist others to be made into the bad person by people that does not understand guidelines or even have respect for someone or property belonging to others.

Furthermore, using my mother’s maiden family name, my ruining my name with my family, aka, my mothers siblings when you are not family, and apparently have no clue about the history of that family….I must admit, cracks me up.  Readers can take as you wish.  If you know me, knew my parents and this family, you completely understand.

My last note, I have all the time stamped photo’s, conversations, etc.  (See below)  I do not like drama and do not appreciate my time being wasted period.  Business is business.

Signed July 30, 2020.
Property Owner

Pollinators are necessary, learn the proper guidelines.