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This is My Chapter

I am fourth generation agriculture. Born and raised in the Northwest Florida Panhandle of Florida.the heritage of a farm - tradition

Proud of my heritage and blessed to be brought up in a rural area, I learned from birth the importance of Faith, hard work, importance of pure clean water and soil, being fruitful, standing your ground, being humble, grateful, treating others as you wish to be treated.

No matter where I have traveled, people I met, most everyone could tell you within a short while of knowing me, I was farm proud. I was taught by my grandparents and my parents how to be a steward of the land even before I really understood what this meant…”Steward of the Land” I was shown examples of everything mentioned above by my family, neighbors, friends of family. Looking back, I miss those days.

Once I graduated, I worked for local government where I was somehow drawn into the areas of environmental. From there, I went to work for a private environmental company where I again was fortunate to meet wonderful people who accepted and appreciated my background, teaching me, mentoring me. My work ethic I learned from family. My desire to learn and to hold onto my values toward people and environment led me to what I consider to be the best geologist in my state to start a company in 1996. A company run by two people from different backgrounds was amazing. A Full-service environmental company. The company was founded on hard long hours, people were not a project number or dollar sign, they were people with environmental issues. Fortunately, this geologist and several from the previous company had taught me in different areas, sampling water and soil, drilling, well installation, remediation, assessments. My partner, geologist had been my supervisor, a patient person, that believed and believes the only stupid question was the one a person does not ask. I was able to share my parents and farm with this person. And it was appreciated, this person fell into picking peas and beans, asking questions, even helping with dinner (supper in the south) dishes, becoming a family member. I and those that knew me knew I stayed active with my family, the farm. My parents were my heart. It seemed some knew my road would lead back to my roots, my heritage I had so much pride in, farming and agriculture before I knew it myself.

I was once asked if I had ever really stopped to think of my life, being brought up on a farm, over 30 years in environmental, exactly how the two was proof of God’s plan for me? I had not really thought about it at the time. A Farmer Is Steward of The Land. A steward knows the importance of pure clean water and soil for gardens, row crops, livestock.

I am still active in the environmental industry, my licenses, certifications up to date. Life changing events starting in 2017, fortunately and unfortunately brought about tough decisions, sad decisions, bringing me back to care for my family. Natural disaster, medical outbreak within our country, economy kept me at my roots, my family home and farm. Without really trying, my 30 years of environmental experience, knowledge, wisdom, education and training with current EPA, State, Local Agricultural Environmental Regulations were now parallel. I knew what the person meant when they had asked how the two were God’s plan for me?

Being able to continue my farming tradition and continue the professional career that has been a passion is an unmeasurable Blessing I have yet to find words to express.

Farm Heritage, Inc. was founded to honor my parents, my grandparents, and great grandparents. Not too many can say they are fourth generation on same land and area.
I wanted to do more than agriculture and environmental agriculture. In praying and planning out Farm Heritage, Inc., I made a decision to share with young and old, Family Recipes passed down generations, some old fashioned tips, tricks, importance of water, soil, share in an online store some crafts, merchandise and offer custom ordered items time to time. Natural vegetables will be offered locally and within reasonable travel distance with an extended growing season of certain types of vegetables.

Every Farm Has A Story and I am Blessed and Excited to Share My Chapter.

Our Offerings

We will offer various vegetables, herbs, repellent herbs, fruits as well as our country corner shop which will offer various woodworking gifts, and other offerings. Feel free to check out our recipes as well.

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