Bringing Local Produce to your Table

Farm Heritage is proud to offer natural local grown produce as well as homemade or home based business products in our Country Store.


About Farm Heritage Inc.

I was once asked if I had ever really stopped to think of my life, being brought up on a farm, over 30 years in environmental, exactly how the two was proof of God’s plan for me?  I had not really thought about it at the time.   A Farmer Is Steward of The Land.  A steward knows the importance of pure clean water and soil for gardens, row crops, livestock.

Farm Heritage, Inc. was founded to honor my parents, my grandparents, and great grandparents.  Not too many can say they are fourth generation on same land and area.

Being able to continue my farming tradition and continue the professional career that has been a passion is an unmeasurable Blessing I have yet to find words to express.

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Country Store

We are excited to be able to offer various handmade gifts or items from my loyal friends who are small business owners. More info to come.

Handmade Gifts & Merchandise for Sale

Check out handmade wood work – that can be customized to your needs. See other items for sale and more to come.

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